How To Choose the Right Climbing Partner

How To Choose the Right Climbing Partner

I found tremendous value in the advice from Pro Climber and Coach Tom Randall on choosing the right climbing partner.

When you are intentional about your partner selection, you can thrive in your progress and growth.

Tom Randall says he can tell after one hour of climbing with someone if they are a good partner or not. If they don't check the boxes, he won't climb with them again. Here's what he says:

You should make sure your partner supports the strategies that work best for you and pushes you to climb harder.

If you’re both just there to hang out at the crag and tell stories afterward, that’s fine. But if you’re seeking growth and improvement, find someone who’s on the same track.

Some of my closest friends started as climbing partners, and I’ve had amazing experiences of success and failure with those friends. Think about your goals and how your climbing partner can support them.

After all, success is better when you can share it with friends.

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