Hey there 👋

I'm Jono, the creator of the Megabeta Climber Sling Bag.
I want to first say thanks for your interest! We are building the ultimate bag to keep your climbing gear organized and protected.
We are getting ready for our upcoming product launch so if you want to be the first to know when our campaign goes live sign up!


When are you launching your Kickstarter?

We plan to launch in May with bags shipping in the late summer. Keep your ear to the grindstone for updates (and sign-up to get the news first!)

Can you clip stuff onto the outside of the bag?

Yes! We have gear loops on the sides and bottom of the bag that you can use to attach additional gear (or extra shoes!)

Can you store a water bottle?

Yes the chalk pocket works well to hold a water bottle, or even a can of La Croix (our favorite is Pamplemousse)

I see you have a small chalk bag in the video is there a version for boulderers with buckets?

The bag can fit climbing shoes and a chalk bucket or a harness plus smaller chalk bag.

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