The Ultimate Bag for Climbing Gear

The Ultimate Bag for Climbing Gear to keep organized and protect your shoes

When you head out for a climbing session do you end up juggling too many things? The Megabeta Climber Sling Bag makes it easy to organize your gear and keep your shoes fresh.

Here's what this bag offers:

1. High performance materials and odor-absorbing activated carbon cloth which filters the air around your shoes.

2. This bag keeps your gear organized so you can focus on the important stuff

3. Environmentally responsible design with recycled materials and hardware

Maximize your climbing efficiency and keep your stuff organized and accessible

The bag construction is simple and lightweight. The layout and pockets are designed for the urban climber, making it easier to grab your gym bag on the way out of the door.

And to avoid stinky shoes, the bag features ventilation plus aerospace level materials to remove moisture and odors.

Recycled materials from fabrics to buckles

Our products have an impact on the planet, which is why we sourced sustainable technical materials with our factory.

The Megabeta Sling Bag is crafted from durable material to withstand the daily haul, it offers excellent protection for your shoes and gear. 

Quick access to the essentials

The bag even offers a secret pocket for those items you want to keep safe or easy to find. Your important things are just one zipper away.

What People Are Saying

"Space. In the palm of my hand.
Love it! So excited for the bag.

— Dylan Stone, Climbing Coach

"Love the design!!! 👌" — @Linus.Outdoors

"Very nice, keep them shoes dry" — @rodeo.resoles