Climber Sling with NASA-Approved Material to Remove Odors

The Ultimate Sling Bag for Climbers removes odor and keeps your shoes fresh.

Do you struggle to keep your shoes from getting sweaty and fragrant? This bag features air filtering technology approved by NASA for use in the International Space Station.

Here's what this bag offers:

1. NASA-Level Material - extremely porous Activated Carbon material that absorbs odor and filters the air around your shoe so they last longer.

2. Simple Organization - two main compartments plus a secret pocket make it easy to access your essential items.

3. Environmentally Responsible Design - we use recycled materials and hardware because everything we make has an impact on the environment.

Protect your shoes so they smell better and last longer

  • The rubber on your shoes hardens and cracks over time from exposure to sun and moisture.
  • Avoid stinky, brittle shoes - the bag features ventilation plus aerospace level materials to remove moisture and odors.
  • Make it easy to grab your gym bag on the way out of the door with a simple layout and pockets.


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